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The batik of Oey Soe Tjoen, Three Generations

Oey Soe Tjoen started his workshop in 1925 in Kedungwuni, Pekalongan on the northern coast of Java. In 1999 I visited the workshop and met the director Muljadi Widjaya, son of Oey Soe Tjoen and the father  of the current director, Widianti Widjaja.  I recently had the opportunity to see 40 batik from the three […]

Coloring a batik with indigo

My friend Bu Dalmini was recently here in San Francisco to give hands on batik making demonstrations at the Indonesian Consulate residence, Wisma Indonesia, and at the San Francisco Tribal Art and Textile Show. She worked on the same cloth, a kain panjang or hip wrapper with the a long bean motif. She very kindly […]

Three Pines Farm

Iowa is a state I’ve never visited and not much came to mind in anticipation except endless stretches of farmland, desolate, windy, and barren in the winter, not unlike my native Ohio. What I didn’t anticipate was the warmth and humanity of the people I would encounter there. An invitation to give a workshop at […]

Tinctori, Indigolandia

Recently I was invited by my friend Saiful Nurudin to visit his family’s indigo production in the small kampung of Jlamprng Wetan about 10 kilometers from Ambarawa. It was a fascinating and educational 4 days during which I observed each step of the process from harvest to finished product. Here are some photos to illustrate […]

Batik Bima Sakti:Laba-laba motif

Recently I visited Bu Hartinah of the batik -making collective in Giriloyo, Jogjakarta. My friend, batik artist Brigitte Wallach introduced me to their work through an exhibition she had of her collection of Bima Sakti batiks at the Museum Tekstil in Jakarta in August of 2015. I was particularly taken by a batik with a […]